Sorry everyone, for the long break between posts! Quite a lot has happened, and I’ll update you soon, but I found this last night when I was moving some pictures and notes from my phone to my laptop.

I wrote this poem back a couple of months ago, after we had to say goodbye to our sixteen-year-old Lhasa Apso Rosie. Rosie was our family dog, and had been in my life since I was 7 years old. It was very hard to say goodbye.

by Amy Allison

She’s missing in the mornings, when waking up in bed,
We know we said we needed space, but we want you back instead.
She’s missing from our lips, as we no longer call her name.
The old dog couldn’t hear us, but we’d chat just the same.

She’s missing from the garden, lying at the door,
Her little body in the sun, breathing muffled snores.
She’s missing from the square we live, and the stretch of trees and logs,
Where we’d walk, just me and her, no time for other dogs.

She’s missing from the sofa, a heap of shapes and limbs,
We’d put the heating on for her as the cold drew in.
She’s missing from our hands, we used to pet her greying fur
The house seems big and quiet now, we often look for her.

She’s sometimes missing from our thoughts, as time passes on.
We take a second and remember, our little dog is gone.
Our demanding diva dog, who we loved right from the start.
She’s missing from our home, but she’s not missing from our hearts.

I’m not a poet, and I don’t claim to be. But when your heart is aching for your a dog that you can’t cuddle anymore, sometimes there’s no better way to put your thoughts into words.

To any and all pet owners out there, how did you cope when you lost your best friend? And please don’t forget to give your furry (or scaley, or slimy, or smooth!) friends that you have a big cuddle from me!


How could you not love that cheeky face?


She hated rainy weather. After walks, she’d have to come in, get dried, and have a cuddle.

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