Hi, I’m Amy.

I have a habit of undertaking big projects and not following through. This habit has plagued me my entire life.

I’ve always been an imaginative person. When I was young I would play with my little sister and use every single inch of space in our shared bedroom to create a whole town for my Barbies. One bed would become a 5-star bar and restaurant using our jewellery boxes as the tables. I even wrote out miniature menus. I would create a multi-story apartment building using our bookcase-turned-video-shelf. I would use perfectly folded toilet paper as the sheets on the makeshift beds. All the videos I took out of the shelf would then be used to line the walls of a shopping mall, with the clothes hung up using sellotape, and the tiny Barbie shoes visually-merchandised to perfection. My point is, I would spend hours upon hours setting up this Barbie city, much to my sister’s fascination. Then, when I finally finished the set up, I would play for 5 minutes and lose all interest.


Here we are in the Barbie era and rocking the crimped hair!

I’m hoping this blog doesn’t turn out the same way. I always have good intentions and lots of ideas. I love the design process, the organizing, and the build up. I think I lose interest when it becomes repetitive.

I’ve blogged before, but I’m hoping this time will be different. I remember – much to my embarrassment – that my first blog was called ‘Confessions of a 13 Year Old Drama Queen’. I’m hoping to take the pressure off myself this time by scrapping the dramatic posts altogether and losing the long and boring ramblings. I’ll write about things I’m currently enjoying, books I’ve been reading, products I’ve been using, and recipes I’ve been eating.

I think I need a creative outlet. It’s been nearly 2 years since I graduated University with a Bachelors of Arts in Filmmaking and Screenwriting. After a horrendously stressful and pressure-filled final year, I can safely say I’ve lost interest in working for the film industry, though I will always remain a big fan of watching TV. It was such a bad year for me creatively that I lost all faith in my writing abilities. Maybe a blog is a good place to start trying to get them back.

I’ll check in on this post this time next year and let you know if my writer’s block is gone. If the blog is still going in a year then we know it’s worked.


Speak soon!


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